Toulmin Pilot Awards

2019 Toulmin Pilot Award Recipients

Haydar Celik

FY19: Novel drug screening targeting MYB for pediatric low-grade gliomas

Patricia Foley & Leena Hilakivi-Clarke

FY19: Dietary isoflavones and their effect on anti-PD-1 mAb immune therapy in a murine mammary cancer model

Josef Rauschecker

FY19: A Tinnitus Model in Nonhuman Primates

Olga Rodriguez

FY19: Quantitative multi-modal MRI-based analysis of chemobrain in a high risk animal model.

Chunling Yi

FY19: Explore Novel Functions Of YAP/TAZ In Kidney Cancer Cell Metabolism

2018 Toulmin Pilot Award Recipients

Anna Greenwald, Abigail Marsh, & Alexander Dromerick

FY18: Impaired emotion recognition after stroke – brain basis, impact on social support, and functional outcomes

Michael Johnson

FY18: A zebrafish xenograft system to model tumor stromal cell interactions in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and other B‐cell malignancies

Jan LaRocque

FY18: Determinants of DNA double-strand break repair pathway choice

G. William Rebeck & Jeanne Mandleblatt

FY18: The effects of APOE genotype on the risk of chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment

Shaojun Tang & Geoffrey Gibney

FY18: Predictive markers for advanced melanoma treated by BRAF inhibitor drugs and the cabozantinib in a Phase-2 trial

Jian-Young Wu, Katherine Conant, & Mark Burns

FY18: Pacing Sharp Waves in hippocampus

Justin Suzuki

FY18: Oxidant-mediated amino acid conversion: a naturally occurring protein engineering process