Fexofenadine also known as Allegra, is an antihistamine pharmaceutical drug that is often used to treat such illnesses as hay fever, allergy symptoms, and urticarial. The drug was developed as a safer alternative to terfenadine and it’s arrhythmogenic effects.

Dr. Raymond Woosley

Dr. Raymond Woosley’s discovery of Allegra is a product of his lifelong advocacy for safer medical therapies and practice. With Allegra, Dr. Woosley was able to develop a safer, non-sedating drug while simultaniously demonstrating the potentially life-threatening side effects of other antihistamines in circulation at the time. 

Beyond his research, Dr. Woosley is one of the cheif architects behind the Centers for Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERTs), a national network of federally-funded centers designed to improve outcomes in medical therapeutics. Today, Dr. Woosley heads, an internationally recognized online portal for healthcare providers, research scientists and the public that fosters the safe use of medicines.