Research Funding Support Services

GUMC Grant Review Subcommittee Programs

The purpose of these programs is to increase the likelihood of GUMC’s faculty grant funding success. 

Please find below a short description of these initiatives with respective request form links for each. There are currently three types of services that we provide:

Mock Study Section (Full Review)

Provides comprehensive, study section like feedback to applicants on their complete grant application prior to grant submission. 

Speed Grant Review

Provides review of Specific Aims pages, NIH bio-sketches, Response to Reviewers, and any other information to inform A1 resubmissions (e.g., A0 summary statements). For non-NIH grants, the equivalent information can be reviewed. 

Idea Lab 

Idea Lab is an informal discussion with the purpose of assisting in formulating ideas about research proposals before creating Specific Aims. The benefit is having the opportunity to brainstorm with a few learned colleagues to aid in the process of development.


Contact Dr. Sonia de Assis ( with questions regarding these programs.