Protein Information Resource

Protein Sequence

The Protein Information Resource or PIR is a public bioinformatics resource to help with proteomic, genomic and systems biology research and scientific studies. The National Biomedical Research Foundation (NBRF) developed PIR in 1984. Before the PIR was established, in 1978 under the editorship of Dr. Margaret Dayhoff, the NBRF composed the first comprehensive collection of macromolecular sequences in the atlas of the protein sequences and structure. For forty years PIR as well as the Protein Sequence Database has provided many protein databases and analysis tools for the whole to scientific community to have access freely. At the present time PIR still maintains staff at GUMC and continues to offer world leading recourses.

Dr.margaret Dayhoff

Dr. Margaret Dayhoff was an American physical chemist and pioneer in the field of bioinformatics. Dr. Dayhoff was also aMargaret Dayhoff    professor at Georgetown University Medical Center. She pioneered the development of programmable computer methods to use in comparing protein sequences. She started the collection of protein sequences in the atlas of Protein Sequence and Structure, a book collecting all known protein sequences that Dayhoff published in 1965. The publication of that book led to the Protein Information Resource database of protein sequences, which was also developed by Dr. Dayhoff’s research group.