Clinical Trial on the Effects of Interventions Aiming to Reduce Chronic Inflammation in Older Adults

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The National Institute on Aging has issued the following limited submission U01 opportunity:  Clinical Trial on the Effects of Interventions Aiming to Reduce Chronic Inflammation in Older Adults.  Only one application per institution is allowed.

The NIA has provided the following overview of the program:

“The NIA believes that such a trial would be most successful if implemented in two phases:  a pilot phase, followed by a clinical trial phase. The overall objective of the pilot phase is to collect information needed to develop and implement a successful intervention study on effects of reducing low-grade chronic inflammation on mobility limitations in older adults. 

Application submitted in response to this FOA should enable the collection of various types of data needed to inform the design of the future clinical trial(s), including data needed to characterize the study population, to determine inclusion and exclusion criteria, to evaluate recruitment feasibility, to select primary and secondary outcome measures and cut-off points, and to conduct preliminary assessment of efficacy, safety and tolerability of potential study treatments to be tested in the clinical trial phase, and conduct power calculations and related statistical analyses to estimate required sample sizes and follow-up periods for a future trial.” 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit a one-page summary of your research project, along with an NIH-type biosketch (4-page limit) in a single electronic document to Jennifer Kluge ( no later than Monday, August 25, 2014.
More information about the program and full proposal can be found at: (new window)