St. Baldrick’s Summer Fellowships

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Limited Submission

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation works hard to be sure that every dollar makes the biggest impact possible in childhood cancer research. The Foundation has held several Research Priorities Summits with many of the country’s leading pediatric oncology researchers participating to advise the staff and board of directors on funding priorities.

The St. Baldrick’s team and Scientific Advisors meet regularly to be sure St. Baldrick’s funds make the greatest impact on pediatric cancer research.

Current funding priorities are divided into four categories:

  • New discovery research
  • Translational research and early phase clinical trials
  • Phase III clinical trials & infrastructure support of participating institutions (primarily the fall grant cycle)
  • Education of new pediatric oncology researchers

In addition to research to understand the biology of childhood cancers and discover leads to more effective treatments, topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Adolescents & young adults
  • Survivorship, outcomes, and quality of life
  • Supportive care
  • Epidemiology and pediatric cancer predispositions
  • Precision medicine
  • Alternative & complementary therapies


  • Internal Deadline: December 12, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.
  • Letter of Intent: January 3, 2020


  • St. Baldrick’s offers Summer Fellowship Awards, funding stipends for students to work in a pediatric oncology setting for a summer. The total award, paid to the institution, is $5,000.
  •  Applications for summer fellowships must be submitted with the mentor as Primary Investigator (PI) via ProposalCENTRAL.
  • Summer Fellowships are one of many funding categories offered by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation; it is possible for a program/institution to receive funding in more than one category. Each program/institution may submit one application in the Summer Fellowship Award category
  • Please read PDF of guidelines for additional information

Submission Information

Send the following as a single PDF document to Jennifer Kluge at (new window)

  1. Name of student and brief description of his/her academic background and research interests (approx. 400- 500 words)
  2. Mentor’s Abbreviated CV or NIH-style biosketch

Additional Details

View the St. Baldricks website for additional guidelines.

Please contact Jennifer Kluge ( (new window)) 202-687-2502.