OSR Grant Submission Deadlines & RDS Services

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We are entering a busy sponsored research proposal season. We have numerous NIH cooperative agreements, training grants, and research proposals due at the end of May and into June, as well as applications for DOD and various foundation deadlines. Whenever possible, Research Development Services (RDS) and Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) staff will work to help PIs meet short/accelerated deadlines and unique administrative requirements. I remind you, however, that well-established grant submission policies previously communicated to all investigators continue to apply. Late submissions are a detriment to our efforts to obtain the sponsored research funding needed to maintain Georgetown University’s high ranking as a research institution. Late proposal packages add significant risk to all faculty members attempting to submit their proposals.

If you plan to apply for a grant, contract or cooperative agreement in the coming months, you are encouraged to reach out to a member of the RDS team (new window) as soon as possible, so that they may assist you with the process and complete GU-PASS application (budget, draft abstract, and title) by the internal deadline. All planned submissions must be routed for internal approvals via GU-PASS no later than 10 (ten) business days prior to the application deadline. Once the GU-PASS submission is routed for approval, RDS will work with you to complete your application and route it to OSR for review, approval and submission to the sponsor.

Completed application packages are to be routed by RDS and received by OSR no later than 3 (three) business days prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline.

  • For May 30 proposals, completed applications are to be received by 10am on Friday, May 25
  • For June 5 proposals, completed application packages are to be received by 10am on Friday, June 1
  • For June 16 proposals, completed application packages are to be received by 10am on Thursday, June 14.

Please refer to NIH’s Office of Extramural Research (new window) and DOD’s FY18 Breast Cancer Research Program (new window) for additional information about upcoming deadlines. Because of the anticipated high volume for DOD BCRP and NIH Cycle II proposals this year, RDS and OSR will not be able to accept late applications. Applications that do not arrive on or before the deadlines above will be returned to the PI for submission at a later cycle.

Exceptions may be granted for RFA/RFP or similar special/non-recurring deadline applications, however, a request for such an exception must be made to the Dean for Research. The University continues to reserve the right to withdraw applications containing deficiencies that are discovered after submission. Help all Medical Center investigators by contacting RDS (new window) early and working within agreed upon timelines. Our goal is to continue to provide excellent proposal development support that leads to high quality sponsored research submissions and awards.