Occupational Safety and Health Training Project Grants (T03)

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The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), invites grant applications for Training Project Grants (TPGs) that are focused on occupational safety and health training. NIOSH is mandated to provide an adequate supply of qualified personnel to carry out the purposes of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and the TPGs are one of the principal means for meeting this mandate. The majority of TPGs are in academic institutions that provide high quality training in the core occupational safety and health disciplines of industrial hygiene (IH), occupational health nursing (OHN), occupational medicine residency (OMR), occupational safety (OS), as well as closely related allied disciplines. NIOSH also funds non-academic programs to meet specific training needs of targeted populations including firefighters, commercial fishermen and occupational health and safety interns.

Occupational safety and health disciplines including:

  • Industrial hygiene (IH)
  • Occupational health nursing (OHN)
  • Occupational medicine residency (OMR)
  • Occupational safety (OS)
  • Closely related allied disciplines

Application Materials

Send the following as a single PDF document to Jennifer Kluge at jck67@georgetown.edu (new window).

  • 1-page project description
  • NIH style biosketch 


  • Undergraduate Programs may request a total budget of up to $50,000/year;
  • Graduate Programs may request a total budget of up to $150,000/year; and
  • Occupational Medicine Residency Programs may request a total budget of up to $250,000/year.
  • Indirect costs limited to 8% of direct costs


  • Internal Deadline: September 9, 2019
  • Sponsor Deadline: October 24, 2019


PIs should have the experience and expertise relevant to complex, interdisciplinary OSH training programs.

Additional Details

Visit the NIH Grants website for more information or contact Elizabeth H. Maples, PhD, Scientific Program Officer of NOISH, at emaples@cdc.gov (new window) or (404) 498-2557.