Charles A. Dana Foundation 2018 David Mahoney Neuroimaging Program

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The Charles A. Dana Foundation 2018 David Mahoney Neuroimaging Program focuses on improving human brain and brain-immune functioning to promote health, and prevent and treat disease. Funds support pilot-testing by early career investigators to enable the pursuit of high-risk, innovative ideas that have a direct clinical application. Program is designed to enable investigators to obtain pilot data that helps increase competitiveness for larger-scale support from other funders. Investigations must be applicable to human brain or brain-immune functioning or malfunctioning; submitted proposals should focus on imaging in patients or patient tissues, and healthy volunteers.

Preliminary applications should demonstrate use of either or both:

Additionally, areas of Foundation interest include:

The Dana Foundation has invited Georgetown University to submit one grant application. If you would like to pursue this opportunity, please submit:

  • Physiological and Structural imaging – anatomical imaging of white or gray matter and measures of physiological functioning. These proposed studies should focus on patient-oriented clinical research; and/or
  • Cellular/molecular imaging – biochemical actions of specific brain cells, or their interactions with immune cells, which have direct clinical relevance to human health and disease. These studies may involve human tissues or animal models. Applications can involve the study of cells within neural circuits, using a combination of imaging and single cell electrical recording, if the techniques have already been developed.
    • Understanding normal brain functioning, how it is altered by disease or injury, and how it recovers or repairs;
    • Assessing and improving diagnostic and therapeutic approaches;
    • Refining and advancing imaging technologies to address specific clinical questions; and
    • Understanding the developmental processes of neurodegenerative diseases and mental illness, surrogate measures of early disease existence and measures of disease progression.
    • a one-page outline of your research proposal, and
    • a NIH-type biosketch (5-page limit)

      as a single document (both abstract and biosketch) to Jennifer Kluge at no later than Tuesday, January 16, 2018. An internal academic review committee will review applications to select the University’s applicant.

      Awards: Up to $200,000 over three years

      Internal application due: January 16, 2018
      Preliminary proposal due to funder (if nominated): February 5, 2018 (3:00PM EST)
      Notification, by funder, of invitation for full proposal: Within eight weeks
      First round of awards announced: September 2018
      Second round of awards announced: December 2018


    • Early career investigator (assistant professor or first few years as associate professor)
    • Have not yet been awarded more than one independent research grant
    • Must use either or both physiological/structural or cellular imaging in proposal
    • Applications from junior investigators that are an extension of the work of a senior mentor, particularly if from the same institution, are discouraged

      For more information, visit the Dana Foundation website and review the David Mahoney Neuroimaging Program Proposal Guidelines. With questions or for additional information faculty are encouraged to contact Becky Pfordresher, Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations, at (202) 687-1067 or