GU-PASS Subaward and Independent Contractor Agreement Requests

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GU-PASS is Georgetown’s new research and regulatory compliance system for financial conflict of interest submissions, external proposal review and approval, clinical trial agreement negotiation, sub-award negotiation and independent consultant agreement routing. GU-PASS will replace the Intellect set of systems most users know as TRACS, PACTS and STARS.  Last month, we announced the launch of the external grant and clinical trial contract request modules.  
I am happy to announce the launch of new GU-Pass modules to route new outgoing subaward and independent contractor requests and modifications to those requests. These systems will replace STARS, and will now be used for the internal routing of all outgoing Medical Center sub-award and independent contractor agreement requests.
The GU-Pass Sub-award and Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) modules are similar to the routing in External Grant Requests. To initiate a request, contact a member of the Research Development Services (RDS) team who will enter the request in the system, which will then be routed for PI review/approval and on to the Office of Sponsored Research to negotiate the agreement and set up the sub-award spending and supplier contract accounts. Step-by-step guidance for investigators on how to log into the system to review/approve a request is detailed is available (new window).
If you have any questions on the system, please contact