DC Healthy Communities Collaborative – Health Improvement Grants

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Through the Health Improvement Grant, DC Healthy Communities Collaborative (DCHCC) seeks to partner with an organization in Washington, D.C. to improve one or more priority health needs of the D.C. community– Mental Health, Place-Based Care, Care Coordination, and/or Health Literacy – using a policy, systems, environment (PSE) approach.

Community Priority Health Areas:

  • Mental Health: Prevention and treatment of psychological, emotional and relational issues leading to higher quality of life.
  • Place-Based Care: Care options that are convenient and culturally sensitive.
  • Care Coordination: Deliberate organization of patient care activities & info sharing protocols to achieve safer, more effective care.
  • Health Literacy: Ability to obtain, process, and understand basic health information to make appropriate health decisions.

PSE change seeks to go beyond programming, into the systems that create the structures in which we work, we live and play. A PSE approach may guide interventions to larger, multilevel, sustainable change. In applying PSE strategies to one or more of the four priority areas, the Collaborative anticipates improving health care delivery systems, executing better use of health resources, and expanding long-term goals to improve community health status.

Applications will be evaluated on: priority need, potential benefit, feasibility, scalability, overall impact, and sustainability. DCHCC welcomes collaborations between organizations. Together DCHSS hopes to influence positive change on the social determinants that shape the health of our community.

Georgetown University has been invited to submit one application total across all campuses (Main, Medical and Law). If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please submit

  • a one-page outline of your proposal
  • a relevant curriculum vitae (5-page maximum)

as a single document to Jennifer Kluge at jck67@georgetown.edu no later than Monday, Monday, March 19.

Awards: $75,000, including 10% for indirect costs, over 18 months


Internal Application deadline: March 19, 2018
Nomination deadline (if selected): March 23, 2018
Full application deadline (if selected): April 13, 2018

Read more about the DC Healthy Communities Collaborative – Health Improvement Grants here (new window).

Faculty are encouraged to contact Becky Pfordresher, Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations at (202) 687-1067 or Becky.Pfordresher@georgetown.edu (new window).