Decommissioning Analog Imagers in New Research Building (NRB)

Posted in Announcement

We have been experiencing some challenges with the plumbing associated with the analog imagers in NRB (E402A, W305A and WP-05A). As we have been adding new digital imagers to these facilities, the plan is to eliminate two of the three analog imagers in NRB. Currently, we intend to leave one analog imager in place. This plan will reduce running and repair costs and the detrimental effects of the chemical waste in our environment.

If you have an absolute need for analog imaging for our research, and cannot (or have not already switched) to digital imagine, please email by Friday, Sept 15th. Simply note the rationale for your continued need of access to analog imaging and your laboratory location. This will allow us to plan the closing of the analog facilities in a thoughtful manner.

Thank you for your cooperation.