An Outstanding Cycle for Grant Applications

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Dear Colleagues:

Today, I write to express my appreciation for your collective efforts over the past two months. From May 1 to June 30, GUMC faculty submitted 125 proposals for extramural sponsored research, totaling over $35 million in direct costs and nearly $46 million in total costs. These numbers include the CCSG competitive renewal (P30).

We all know how slim the paylines are for funding today and even highly scored applications do not always get funded. This demonstrated effort on your part to submit quality applications is outstanding.

Of course, we could not submit this many quality applications without the Research Development Services team, led by Melissa Layman, Deputy Director. To the team members — Rory Bennett, John Bustillos, Richard Cecil, Terry-ann Clarke-Nolan, Ryan Dempsey, Brian Fleury, Dana Hunter, Meagan Lancaster, Marla Manalac, and Jessica Atlass Roscoe — your expertise, commitment, and willingness to go above and beyond is commendable. I would also like to thank Doreen Robinson, Senior Associate Vice President for Sponsored Research for her leadership.

Below, you will read some specific information about the submitted proposals. We look forward to a robust NIH cycle this fall!

With gratitude,
Bob Clarke

May 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018

Number of Proposals 125
Year 1 Total Costs $45,739,794
Number of NIH Proposals 84
Year 1 Total Costs $39,405,961
Number of non-NIH Federal Proposals (incl. DOD) 16
Year 1 Total Costs $3,838,380
Other/Foundation Proposals 25
Year 1 Total Costs $2,495,453


Federal Highlights
R01s/ R21/R03s 36
S10s 5
P01s 2
T32s 2
P30(CCSG) 1
DODs 12