The Office of the Dean for Research

Biomedical Research at Georgetown

As a biomedical research enterprise, Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) boasts onsite capabilities allow for a full range of bench to bed-side action. GUMC is one of only 28 institutions across the country which has been awarded both a Clinical and Translational Science Award (61) and a Comprehensive Cancer Science Grant (42).

Georgetown University Medical Center has over 400 open and active clinical trials and engages in every aspect of education, evidenced by the over 400 students enrolled in the School of Medicine and the over 600 students enrolled in biomedical graduate education programs.

In FY12, over 85% of Georgetown University’s sponsored research dollars are within GUMC, awards totaling over $139 million. This figure does not include significant support from donors and partners.

Most recently, the National Institute of Health (NIH) awarded a $6.1 million grant to the Center of Excellence for Health Disparities in Our Nation’s Capital (CEHD), whose vision is to eliminate or dramatically reduce health disparities focusing on minority populations in Washington, DC. Their vision ties in directly to Georgetown’s mantra of Cura Personalis – the care of the whole person – and by extension, all persons. Georgetown University Medical Center is also known for the Protein Information Resource (PIR), the primary U.S. component of the UniProt Consortium and for its Drug Discovery Program, which is one of 12 members of NCI's Chemical Biology Consortium and has been selected as a Chemical Diversity Center.